Cabaret and North Ontario

In 1971, Gordon Lightfoot released an album titled Summer Side of Life. One of the tracks on the album, Cabaret, became one of my favorite songs. It was not a ‘typical’ Lightfoot song as it had an ethereal feel with horns and strings and written in a very melodic style. Midway through the song, though, you hear a deep sigh, a door slam and the tempo and feel of the song changes to a different level. I like the first part but I LOVE the second part. Lightfoot fans refer to the second half of the song as North Ontario.

Some time ago I mentioned how much I loved the song. My friend Fred Grittner casually mentioned that he had been singing North Ontario for years. I’ve never been shy about asking for music from my friends so I immediately jumped on him to record it. Which he did.

I love his version. Today they’re releasing music on LP’s. This one should be released on eight track. This is a truck driver song. The feel of the road, the syncopation and the steel guitar all bring the road to North Ontario to my mind.

Here’s Fred Grittner.

One comment

  1. obrien peter


    A welcome post and Fred did a stellar job on this recording. Thanks to you both.

    All good wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2019.



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