Amy Goddard’s Tribute

In 2008, not many months after John Stewart walked on ahead of us, Amy Goddard wrote a song that somehow made its way to the Bloodliner community. Amy is a longtime appreciator of John’s music and a talented musician. The song became well known and Amy became a friend to many of us. Stewart’s music has long been a part of her repertoire in her live shows and on her cd’s.

Just a few weeks ago she released a new cd that is either John’s songs or songs that she wrote to honor John. So many people joined in on the chorus on these songs. George Grove, Rick Dougherty, Jerry Siggins, Chuck McDermott, Tom O’Donnell, Tom Craig, Del Lausa, Denise Ilmanen, Sharon Walt, Steve Cottrell, and Kate Snow just to name a bunch of them.

My copy arrived today. I haven’t listened to much of John’s music in the past few years. I have so many great memories that the jukebox is always running in my mind, though.

Thanks Amy, for doing this.

Here are a few songs that I’d like you to hear. The first is the song that Amy wrote in 2008. The second is my all time favorite John Stewart song. John could be a little critical about others doing his songs but I think he’s nodding his head right now and smiling just a bit.

One comment

  1. Jim Moran

    Both are great tracks, but I have after all these decades an especial fondness for “Hung On The Heart,” the original of which kicks off my favorite John Stewart album and IMO is one of his best songs. Great job.

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