Jennings and Keller – Mirror With a Memory

Dana Keller and I go back quite a few years. We met through photography and have remained friends through music. Dana and Laurie Jennings Oudin are musicians and road warriors. They winter in Florida and travel the western US in the summer. They travel in  a motor home and do gigs in RV parks, public libraries, coffee houses and private homes. Besides being stellar musicians they are also talented writers who draw on their life experiences for their songs. Laurie  has written several songs about her experiences in teaching music at a women’s prison. Many of Dana’s songs have photographic references.

Earlier today I was talking with an old friend about photographs that showed what we were like over 40 years ago. Her comment was that they were a powerful record of who and what we had been.

In the late 1800’s the photographer Jacob Riis referred to daguerreotypes as a “Mirror With a Memory.  Dana took the phrase and made a great song from it. Which you can hear now:


Here’s the link to Dana and Laurie’s website. If they are anywhere near you I highly recommend that you hear them play. They are two of the best of us.

Jennings and Keller


One comment

  1. Dana Keller

    Paul, you nailed it. A lot of people don’t know the history of photography the way we do even though everyone is a photographer now with their phone.It’s good to know someone is listening. Thank you.

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