The Bloodliners and the Liner Notes CD

[/audio]Back in the late 90’s John Stewart’s internet group, the Bloodliners, released a tribute cd of John’s songs that were performed by the Bloodliners. As I recall, it was Michelle Stevens idea. Mark Cashman, who is no longer with us, produced the cd. There are eighteen tracks and I think they need to be heard again.

So, here they are. Some of the names will be familiar; Jeff McDonald, Bill Heilmann, John August Lee, Mike Butters, Spencer Lewis. Others are gone from us; Steven Donaghey and Mark Cashman. And John.



  1. koikathi

    I was going to “give it a quick listen” then come back later to hear it through… Nah, didn’t happen. The music just carried me right through to the end. This is nothing but sweet; heartbreakingly, preciously sweet. I feel like I just got to know some of you better just by listening in.

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