Spencer Lewis has been a friend for many years. Many of John Stewart’s east coast fans know Spencer but he hasn’t been to the West Coast for quite some time. Spencer lives in Vermont and if Vermont had a Musical Poet Laureate it would be Spencer. His recorded works are complex song poems featuring him on guitar and fiddle and friends on keyboards and bass.

A few years ago he released a great cd called Open Road. Open Road had a little different sound than his other cd’s. I was really happy when he told me that he would be covering John’s song, The Chosen, on the new work. I’m not sure that one was ever covered and, in fact, I don’t think John performed it live very often.

What brings me to think about Spencer today? My friend Rick Godwin and I  are trying very hard to bring Spencer to the Americana Folk Music Camp in 2018. Spencer is a great teacher as well as a superb musician and we’re hoping to get him, his guitar and his fiddle into the Hospitality Suites and into the various music rooms.

You can listen to The Chosen here:

And you can visit Spencer’s website here:

Spencer Lewis Music


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