January 19, 2008

It’s been seven years since John used his ticket to the stars. His influences are still here, though. Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of him in one way or another and I know that both Tom DeLisle and Dave Batti share this with me.

It’s been said many times and by many people that John wrote “the soundtrack to our lives”. I’m not sure he was ever comfortable with this comment as he was never comfortable with fans who made too much of his work.

Over the past years I’ve thought quite often about what John wanted out of life and wondered if he ever got it. His talent as a writer was indisputable. His work as a musician was obvious. He was a good visual artist; something that he may have enjoyed even more than music. He loved gadgets. He loved children; and especially HIS children. He loved to travel but he was lazy. He wanted comfort and someone to hang out with. He would talk about music with you but not his own music. He was always fascinated by other people’s lives and could ask questions that most people wouldn’t ask. Not because he was prying but because he was truly interested and the filters that most people have weren’t in his DNA.

He could be very unsuspecting of other people or he could be very wary of them. It depended on the day and the tides. He could be the most loyal friend or he could be like a stone in your sock.

Seven years gone, now, and the music is still piled up and waiting for us to listen to it. Thank you John.

Here’s one that came to my mind this morning.

All The Words Unspoken


  1. Larry Stanley

    Nicely put Paul. I never really knew what was going on behind those aviator sunglasses, but reading your blog today I can see a little more clearly. As one of the fans who did make too much of his music, I was always more comfortable giving him his space, and just enjoying the wonderful output of music over such a long period. I so miss those new CD’s in the mailbox, or piled up along with the jams and jellies at the latest venue. Thanks Paul…
    Larry Stanley

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