Steven is gone…

Steven Donaghey is gone. Some of you knew Steven. For those of you who didn’t know him; I’m sorry for your loss. Steven was one of the most loyal and complicated friends that anyone could ask for. Steven was known to many as a bass player but he was much more than that. He loved cats, he loved to flirt, he loved to drink coffee at bodegas and he loved to smoke unfiltered Camels. Most of all he loved his friends.

Steven was a Detroit boy but he found his home in New York City. He played for many years with Barry Manilow and had four gold records. He played many gigs with John Stewart on the East Coast and in Ireland and Scotland. He was fixture at the Trio Fantasy Camps for many years and was loved by all Bloodliners and Fantasy Campers.  He later played with Jay Black and more recently with the Fred Norris Band. Steven lived in Brooklyn in his last years and he was the guy that the hipsters in Brooklyn wanted to be. Steven played with a lot of the younger artists that were coming through the Brooklyn music scene.

Steven was my friend and I mourn his passing as do the others who knew and loved him.

There aren’t many songs that feature Steven on vocals. Here’s one from the Bloodliner’s Liner Notes cd that was done some years ago.

Steven singing Billy Edd Wheeler’s Coal Tattoo.


One comment

  1. Knox Welsh

    Hi! You may be interested- I bought one of Steve’s guitars at his estate auction this year- a Martin 000C 16RGTE cutaway auditorium, ( 2006) in mint condition.
    Do you know if he ever played it?
    Thanks and regards
    Knox Welsh

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