John Stewart at 75

John Stewart

Today would have been John’s 75th birthday. I was thinking about him this morning, as I often do when I walk into my office. There’s a lot of his stuff in my office. I’m not sure he would have been much different today than he was in the years before he left us. Yes, he would have declined due to the horrible illness but I won’t let that define him for me. John was the perfect combination of cantankerous and great-hearted. Not knowing which one you were going to get kept you at the top of your game when you worked with him. He loved gadgets. He could be lazy or he could be ready to do things that normal people would avoid if they could. He could laugh with the best of them. His laugh was for the ages.

A movement is afoot to nominate John for the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. It’s a more than worthy endeavor. Here’s where you can help.

Songwriter’s Hall of Fame

Back in 1981, John made some demos for CBS. Nothing came of it for many years until the late 90’s when John found the songs and some others and released Wires From the Bunker. On the demo cd was a song that I liked very much. I hope you enjoy it, too. Let’s all listen to a John Stewart song today. And let’s do it again tomorrow and every other day.



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