Another Trio Fantasy Camp and One More Handful of Great Music From My Friends

This year was the 15th edition of the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp. It didn’t always have that name but the spirit was always that of the Kingston Trio. I’ve been involved in all 15 camps but only attended 12 of them. There have been so many constants at the Camps. Tom DeLisle’s wit, Dave Batti’s smile, the music that means so much to everyone. After this Camp we all agreed that it’s taken on a life of it’s own.

One of my favorite things about Camp is the music that goes along beside the Camper performances. This year was exceptional. I was gifted cd’s from ex-Campers Tom Sanders and Peter Nazaretian and Jeff Fessenden, current Camper Ed Callahan and the Man with the Banjo, Tom Lamb. In addition, my friend and Camper Tom O’Donnell, has a new cd on his website and there are so many great songs that I don’t know where to begin.

Tom Sanders is one of my favorite people. Honestly, I’d forgotten just how good he is at both guitar and vocals. Here he is singing one of the great John Stewart songs, Dreamers On the Rise.

Dreamers On the Rise

And then there was Lamb. The only  person I know who could have thrown John Stewart’s original Kingston Trio banjo into a fountain at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and turned it into a great and funny story. Lamb’s talent is surpassed only by his wife Sue’s wonderfulness. Seriously, Lamb is only okay but Sue is top notch in every way. Tom can find songs that defy dignity and turn them into something great. Here’s Tom singing the great Alden Sawyer’s song I Like Drinking and Driving.

I Like Drinking and Driving

Peter Nazaretian and Jeff Fessenden have been friends and musical partners for over 50 years. Several of those years were spent wearing nylon jump suits and cavorting around like very strange looking Solid Gold dancers. They still re-live those golden days. Their new cd is called We’ve Fallen…But We Still Get Down. And they do! It was hard to pick one song to post but I finally decided on the great Eric Andersen song Close the Door Lightly When You Go. Peter and Jeff are wonderful singers on their own but something special when they sing together. Jeff is also a talented producer and engineer. He produced both this cd and the one from Ed Callahan.

Close The Door Lightly

Ed Callahan has a new cd called Gentle Nancy. The song was written by Tommy Makem and Tommy titled it Gentle Annie. Ed changed the title to Gentle Nancy to honor his wonderful wife Nancy who is, indeed, gentle as well as funny and warm of heart. We all love her. Here’s Ed.

Gentle Nancy

Tom O’Donnell has been my friend for many years and I am honored to say this. I’ve seen and heard him play at Camp and in pubs in Ireland and his talent and ability to connect with his audience is fantastic to see and hear. Here he is singing one of my favorite Mark Knopfler songs, Sailing to Philadelphia.

Tom’s music is available as a free download at his website:

and here’s Tom:

Sailing to Philadelphia

It was a great year. Can’t wait to see what comes my way in 2015.



One comment

  1. Bob Burlinson

    And much thanks to Paul Rybolt for bringing this Musical Band of Brothers together. One of the bonuses of Camp is playing the music of Ed, Tom, Pete and Fezz, Sanders and O’Donnell as one drives home. They soothe the sadness of the end of Camp and provides a wonderful memory until the next time.

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