January 19, 2008

For many of us the music died on January 19, 2008. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of John. But for many months I couldn’t listen to his music. Fortunately, that passed and I feel good when I hear a John Stewart tune.

In my office I have John’s vest hung over the back of a chair. Every morning, as I’m stumbling in the dark trying to get to the computer and fire it up for the day, I put my hand on the vest and thank him for the music that he gave to all of us.

Here is Ticket to the Stars. Recorded live in Roscrea, Ireland on August 31, 1999. If you hear a bass guitar on this track it is due to Dave Batti.

Ticket to the Stars


One comment

  1. Robert Burlinson

    John may have left this world physically, but his spirit, his music, his poetry will always live

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