Pullin’ Away or The Wagoner’s Lad?

I always loved the Kingston Trio’s Automatic Copyrighting Machine.  Hey. Find a song that MAY be Public Domain, change a few chords, maybe add a few lines and there ya go! Got yourself a brand new song!

This one is one of my favorites. I don’t think I ever heard John sing it live. This recording is from 1990.

The Trio did it on the Something Special album and some people consider it to be the best song on the album because it has the least amount of strings added to the arrangement. There has been much discussion among Kingston Trio fans concerning Jimmy Haskell’s over-saturation of strings, echo and wind arrangements on Something Special.

The question here is: Which song is this? Is it “Pullin” Away? Or is it “The Wagoner’s Lad”? Or is the Kingston Trio making an old song their own?

Here’s John singing “Pullin’ Away”

Pullin’ Away




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