Same Old Heart

Some of John’s songs were very hard to categorize. And I know he liked it that way. He always bristled when someone described him as a folksinger but then he’d describe himself as one. My own feeling is that he was a little bit of everything. He could be a jazz stylist, he could do bluegrass, he could do blues, he could do classical (Lousianne), he could do country. But I think what he really liked was being the front man for the World’s Loudest Folk Band.

Here’s a song that illustrates that part of John Stewart. I think it was first on the chilly Winds cd and featured Nick Reynolds and Lindsay Buckingham. Then there was a version on Wires From the Bunker. This version was recorded live at the Turf Inn in Dalry and is part of the Front Row Moonlight cd set as well as being on the DVD from those concerts. It’s just John but he sounds like he has several guitars with him on the song.

I’ve always liked this song and Buffy did, too, as she sung it on her latest cd.

 Same Old Heart


  1. Ken Ward

    “Same Old Heart” was first issued on the Swedish release of “Blondes” LP in 1982 A totally different version was recorded with Nick Reynolds and that version was released on “Revenge Of The Budgie”, which was a mini-album released in 1983. Both version are superb. Its one of Johns best songs.

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