Chilly Winds?

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted John singing Chilly Winds. I looked back through all of the previous posts and if I used it in the past I can’t find it in the now.

One of my favorites, as was it one of his. Co-written with John Phillips either in a rowboat in the bay off Sausalito or in the backyard of the Kingston Trio’s secretary depending on what day you asked about it. The stories agree that there were over 50 verses sung the day the song was written.

When I first took up the guitar John was very encouraging. I told him that the first song I wanted to learn was Chilly Winds but that I was having trouble with the F chord. He told me that he never played the F chord which I knew was just him making me feel better about my lack of ability. He had me play the song to him over the phone as I got better at it. His kindness must have been very painful for him as I still can’t play it all the way through.

I love this song and I hope you do to.

This is from a recording at The Palms Playhouse in Davis, California, on May 12, 2000. I’m pretty sure that my buddies Clack and Cat were in the audience along with Roadman who made the recording.

Chilly Winds


  1. Catherine

    Paul, we had moved a few days before this gig and I was not there. I think Clack was because he told me later that John asked why I was absent. At least I think it was Clack. Could have been one of our other pals. I didn’t miss many Palms gigs — it was a great place to see Johnny. It was initmate and charming and the crowd was attentive. John had a loyal following, an audience that showed up twice a year to pay rapt attention. We were always the front row of course.

  2. Steve Cottrell

    John played it in G capoed at the fifth fret…that’s why he never played an F chord. Probably my all-time favorite song…especially “wish I was a headlight on a westbound train”.

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