Keeping the Music Alive…

Dave Batti and I were emailing last week about how important it was to us to keep John’s music alive. Sometimes it feels like you’re whistling in the wind and other times you hear what other singers are doing with John’s music and it gives you hope.

One of the great things that John Stewart did was organize the Trio Fantasy Camp. The Camps began back in 1999. I’ve said before that the Camps have been one of the most meaningful things that I have done with my life. I met one of my best friends through the Camp and I’ve made hundreds of lasting relationships through the music.

The coolest and yet saddest of the Camps was Camp 9; the year that John passed away. The Camp was a Tribute to him and his music. All of the songs that the Campers did, both in their Trios and the songs that were backed up by the John Stewart Band were songs that John had written. On the final night there was a full show by the John Stewart Band with special guests Buffy Stewart, Bill Mumy, Chip Douglas and Henry Diltz. There is a 3 dvd set of this camp available at this link:

Trio Fantasy Camp 9- A Tribute to John Stewart

Two of the Campers from that year were Ed Callahan and Tom O’Donnell. They are both multi-year Campers and two of the best people that I know. At Camp this year they each gave me their new cd’s. Both had recorded several of John’s songs and, as it turned out, they were among my favorites. So I thought you should hear them. Hear are Ed Callahan singing Hung On the Heart and Tom O’Donnell,  singing Lock All the Windows. Tom is accompanied on the song by his son, Dave O’Donnell, one of the new generation of people who appreciate John’s songs.

Hung On The Heart

Lock All the Windows


  1. Tom ODonnell

    Anyone who would like a copy of my CD with LATW on it (free for nuthin’), just send me your snail mail address.

    Tom O’Donnell

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