Henry, Chuck, Dennis and Dave

John Stewart was blessed to have many friends who also happened to be great players. Funny how that works out, huh. In January of 2001, the World Folk Music Association presented John with a Lifetime Achievement Award. There were many musical guests; many of them people who were road warriors with John over the years. This song is from Henry Diltz, Chuck McDermott, Dennis Kenmore and Dave Batti. All of these guys played many nights with John and spent many mornings trying to figure out what town they were in. The stories are many and completely secret.

Henry tells the story here of being on the road with John just after the release of the California Bloodlines album.

Here we go, Henry on banjo, Chuck on lead guitar and vocal, The D Man, Dennis Kenmore on drums and  Dave “Dave” Batti on bass.

California Bloodlines

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