Lost Her In the Sun- York, England- 1989

Kris and I just returned home from a 3 1/2 week trip to the UK. Most of the trip was in northern Scotland but we finished off with three days in one of our favorite cities, York. John loved York and played there almost every trip to the UK. One of my favorite memories was the year that we met him and Gillian Walker aka Sparkle, at the York rail station. John got off the train wearing his big hat, cowboy boots and the guitar over his shoulder. It was a sight to remember. I’ve written about that adventure elsewhere and there is a very cool video clip on my Youtube channel that I did in the dressing room (dirty, dark, dank closet) at Fibbers.

Chasing Down the Rain video clip

Here is a song from The Winning Post gig. It was done in October of 1989, and John was in full throttle on the guitar, harmonica and vocals. He loved messing around with medleys and this was a good one.

Lost Her In the Sun Medley

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