Bombs Away Dream Babies Interview From 1980

A friend from Scotland, Tom Craig, recently sent me this interview from 1980. In the interview John speaks about the making of the Bombs Away Dream Babies album. Fascinating insights into the songs and the making of the album.


After my original posting of this interview I received a message from Peter O’Brien. Peter was the editor of the great music magazine Omaha Rainbow. Omaha Rainbow ran this interview back in 1980, and Peter had this to say:


Paul, I published the complete interview in the 24th issue (Summer 1980) of my magazine, Omaha Rainbow. John was interviewed at his home in Malibu, CA, on Wednesday 13 February 1980 by Roger Scott, and was subsequently broadcast in part on his London Capital Radio Shows on Tuesday 8 & Friday 11 April. What is heard here is the interview sections from that show minus the songs played. Somewhere in the mess that purports to be my office I’m pretty sure I have cassettes of the complete two broadcasts. Roger was a great champion of John’s work (and Bruce Springsteen’s) but sadly died of cancer some years ago.

John Stewart Interview


  1. Catherine

    I made 30 seconds into the interview, Paul. The sound of his voice, so young, so strong, is overwhelming. I will steel myself and come back later. Miss him……

  2. Catherine

    Okay, listened to the whole thing. My only regret is that we do not have similar interviews for ALL of his albums. Biggest surprise? That he was inspired by Mickey Mouse. I love John’s line at the end of the interview, if I may paraphrase: “If a song or movie does not leave me feeling differently, it has not done its job”. One thing I know for certain — John Stewart’s music did its job.

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