Spencer Lewis and The Children of Bethel, Vermont

Spencer Lewis. Some of you may know about Spencer. He’s been a long-time Bloodliner and supporter of John Stewart and his music. He’s been an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer for even longer. Spencer lives in Vermont on 45 acres of land. He builds stone fences from old field stones and  produces his own music. He also gives back to his community in many ways. One of the most enjoyable ways is through his music. On April 30, 2011, Spencer produced a concert in the Bethel Town Hall to benefit the Bethel Food Shelf. He was joined by some of his friends including some of the children from Randolph, Vermont.

This John Stewart song is perfect. It’s not a novelty performance as so many of the songs that feature young voices can be. This one is from the heart and is one of the sweetest songs I’ve heard.

Photos by the California Roadman.

Here is a link to Spencer Lewis and his music:


and here is Spencer and the children of Bethel, Vermont singing

The Man Who Would Be King

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