Mark Cashman- January 16, 2011

One of the greatest gifts that John Stewart made was the gift of bringing friends together. Early on in the internet era John, Michelle Stevens, Ron Beffa and others started an internet chat group on AOL. It soon outgrew AOL and became Bloodlines; an internet group dedicated to John’s music. It also became the gathering place for some of the best people in the world. Lifelong friendships were made on the Bloodlines.

We recently lost one of the best. Mark Cashman passed of  cardiac arrest on January 16, 2011. Mark loved music in general and John in particular. He was a frequent audience member whenever John played on the East coast and was known for his kindness and generosity to other Bloodliners. Mark was an accomplished musician and loved to play.

In 1999, along with a group of Bloodliners, Mark produced the Liner Notes cd that featured performances, by other Bloodliners, of John’s songs. Mark’s musical contribution was this great version of Cheyenne.

Our thoughts go out to Mark’s wife, Nancy. He will be missed by all of us.

Mark Cashman-Cheyenne

photograph of Mark and Nancy Cashman at The Turning Point-2000 by the California Roadman


  1. Lance

    Condolences to Nancy. What a choice of songs he made, listening to it now. Thanks for passing it along, Paul.

  2. Catherine

    I am so sorry to hear about Mark. I remember him on Bloodlines. Thanks Paul, for sharing the news and for posting this lovely rendition of Cheyenne. All good wishes of comfort and solace to the Cashman family.

  3. larry brown/buffalo

    Dear Nancy……I am so very sorry to learn of your loss and our Mark…..I will forever remember sitting next to HIM, the first time I ventured to Piermont to see JS on the east coast…From Bloodlies, I was aware of his name and reputation, and was so thrilled to sit next to him….I presume you were the girl on his other side…..

    Please know that so very many folks are saddened with your personal loss, and his presence with us all…..

    May God be with you, dear lady, in this difficult time…. Be well larry/buffalo

  4. Nancy Cashman

    To all:

    I was googling Mark’s name, which I do sometimes just to see the reverberation of his presence in the world, and I came upon this post. How lovely.

    Thank you Lance and Catherine and Larry for your wonderful comments. And thanks to whoever posted this. I love the picture that you chose — the two of us smiling at each other.

    Music was Mark’s lifeblood and John Stewart was one of his heros. We actually have a painting of John Stewart’s above our mantle called “Mother Country.” We got it at an open auction in Pennsylvania some years ago. It’s a beautiful collage of the song, which was one of Mark’s favorites.

    Working on the ‘Liner Notes CD was a real highlight for Mark. He just loved putting that together.

    God bless you all.
    Nancy Cashman

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