John Stewart and Audiences

John loved messing with audiences. If he was in a good mood and the audience was awake he could have a great time AND do a great show. One of his favorite sayings was “There are bad shows and there are bad audiences. You just have to hope they don’t happen on the same night”.

This track was recorded on 10/16/1989 at The Winning Post in York, England. John was in great voice and, though you need to listen closely, the audience was ready for him.

Plus, it’s a really good version of one of my favorite songs.

Cannons In the Rain


  1. Cat

    Hard to listen to, Paul. It’s one of those days when the sound of his voice, the opening guitar, cause the tears to flow. I was so used to going to several gigs a year it’s hard to believe there will be no more. God I miss him. Yes, he was in good voice on this track and his sense of humor was a sharp as ever. Thanks for sharing, thanks for making me cry.

  2. Rod Geddes

    As you know, Paul, this was my favourite of all the gigs I saw John at. He was amazing and this version of Cannons is so heart – wrenching, beautifully wonderful. I go with Cat on the effect it has.


  3. Roy Fritz

    Paul, Thanks SO much – John sounded so great and the recording is perfect. It let me see him again and I miss him so damned much. Roy

  4. Sheila Morgan

    I just closed my eyes and listened and there he was in front of me again, singing just as I remember. Felt that I was there, with you guys, in England listening and watching his hands caress the guitar. A moment of pure happiness. Thank you.


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