Punch the Big Guy

Punch the Big Guy was recorded and released in 1987, first as an LP and then later on cassette. It was a great change from John’s previous recordings in that it was louder and the songs were produced to a higher level. I don’t mean to imply that his previous work wasn’t well-produced. Punch the Big Guy just took it to a different level with the addition of some echo in the vocals and some computer orchestration. It is, perhaps, his most critically acclaimed album. Many of the songs are ones that he would continue to do in live shows until the end of his life. Ticket To the Stars, Night of a Distant Star, Runaway Train, all were songs that he loved to sing.

Oddly enough, the song titled Punch the Big Guy was not on the album. Not many people have heard it and this recording, while not of great quality and in mono, is one of the best that I’ve been able to find. I don’t know why it was left off of the album; possibly due to the time constraints of the LP. Thanks go to Fred Grittner for cleaning up the audio file.

In any case, here is

Punch the Big Guy


  1. Larry Stanley

    Paul, thanks for posting this…I didn’t know this song existed. It really sounds like it belongs in the album. Every time I play the album PTBG, my wife says, I can’t believe John Stewart wasn’t more famous. Yeah…..

  2. Rod Geddes

    Hi, Paul,

    I asked John about why it was left off when I met him in York…he said that it didn’t fit the other songs on the album!! Ah, well!


  3. Ken

    John was spot on with his statement about this. PTBG was a great album and I cant see how this would have fitted the mood. Perhaps someone should have punched the drummer!!

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