In August of 1991, John Stewart did a short tour of Ireland and England with Guy Clark, Peter Rowan and Townes Van Zandt. Accompanying them on bass was Dave Batti.

Several of the gigs were recorded on tape and are historically interesting.

The tour was a little odd because it was billed as 4 From Texas. John, of course, had nothing to do with Texas and Peter Rowan was born in Boston. Townes and Guy must have carried the load for the billing.

In any case, John wasn’t much of a drinker which certainly left him the odd man out on this tour. John loved Townes and told a great story about a fire alarm going off late one night in a small hotel where they were staying. Townes rushed from his room wearing nothing but a Prussian Army helmet. No one had ever seen it before and never saw it again.

The format for the shows was that all four would do some songs as solos and then would do a short jam session at the end.

This recording was made on August 29, 1991, at the Barbican Centre in York, England. It’s a medley that John often did back in that era and is one of the best I’ve heard.

Thanks, Rod, for the preservation of this material. And thanks to Fred for cleaning it up

Running With the Renegades/Cody

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