January 19, 2008

Perhaps this isn’t the finest version of this song that John ever performed. From my vantage point-six feet from him- it could have been the best. It was the best I ever heard. It was Dalry, Scotland and The Turf Inn. September of 2003. John was booked for three shows in three nights and he asked Kris and me to come along and record them.

This was the first show. We had car problems on the way to Dalry and arrived minutes before the show was to start. John was being John. I was closest so I bore the brunt of his John-ness. When the show started neither of us wanted to look at the other guy which was difficult because we were only a few feet apart and I had a camera in his face.

John killed them. His voice was rugged and he occasionally hit a clinker on the guitar. But his raw emotion carried everything past the flaws. It was something to hear. On the last chorus you can hear some of the beautiful Scottish voices singing along.

Three years gone and I miss him every day.

Please. Today would you  listen to John Stewart’s music? Or, play it. Let’s keep the music alive.

Walk On the Moon

One comment

  1. Larry

    That was incredible Paul…it really got the waterworks going for this old Stewartista!
    Thank you for the song as well as the story.

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