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Sky Blue Eight

A song about the paint color of a pick up truck? Yeah, well I like it alot. John wrote songs, recorded them, they were never released and the they morphed into something else. It was always a guessing game to figure out what some of them finally became.

I always loved this song. I first heard it as bootleg many years ago. John never wanted to release it even though I irritated him regularly to do so.

What did this song become? My best guess is Quarter Moon on the Golden Gate. But I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Let me know.

Sky Blue Eight

January 19, 2008

It’s difficult to believe that it’s now been four years since John passed from us. Sometimes in the mornings when I go out for the newspaper there’s a rain crow that gives me hell. Always makes me think of John. Every morning as I go down the stairs from the bedroom I pass his vest hanging over the back of my chair. In the living room, next to my guitar stool, hangs his leather jacket with the patches on it. From time to time someone will order a cd from the Neon Dreams catalog and I burn the cd, print the insert, address the envelope and go to the Post Office. I think about him alot.

I wanted to do something to mark this date but couldn’t decide what it should be. A few years ago I loaded this video clip on Youtube. At that time I wasn’t able to do it as a high resolution video. Now I can. I hope you enjoy this. It’s from the Front Row Moonlight dvd that we did in Dalry in 2001. This medley was the finale of the performance and the end of the video. This is for Buffy and Mikael and Jeremy and Amy and Luke. And for Dave and Tom and Jorgo and for me.

If You Should Remember Me- Video Medley

and here is the audio of the file. Just click on the link to listen:

If You Should Remember Me- Audio Medley

This is all about the music…

John Stewart used to say that it was ‘all about the music’. Everything else was superfluous. I was fortunate enough to work with John  over the last ten years of his life. As others have said about him “He wrote the soundtrack to our lives”.

In this journal I’m planning to post pictures and songs that mean something to me. Some will be John’s music and others will be a wide range of artists that have drawn me into their talent.

This first posting includes a song that I recorded on September 12, 2000, at Fibber’s  in York, England.

Here’s the story. Kris and I were to meet John at the railroad station in York. He and Sparkle (of Sparkle on the Monkey Train fame) were taking the train up from the south. I was standing on the platform when a bigger than life figure wearing a cowboy hat and a guitar over his shoulder stepped off the train. It was John Stewart and he knew it. He was at home wherever he was. After leaving the train station we took a taxi ( and you have to imagine John, Sparkle, Kris and me along with their luggage and guitar in one small cab. It looked like  the clown car at the circus when we unloaded)  to John’s hotel. As Kris and I were walking back to our hotel we were directly behind a rather bedraggled looking fellow who seemed to be going to the same place we were headed. It tuned out to be Rod Geddes, a great fan of John’s and the Vicar, at that time, on the Isle of Man.

The gig that night was at Fibber’s. An incredibly hot place with a closet for a dressing room.

I have a 2 disc set of the show from that night. This was the third song that John did. California Bloodlines.John Stewart-California Bloodlines