Sky Blue Eight

A song about the paint color of a pick up truck? Yeah, well I like it alot. John wrote songs, recorded them, they were never released and the they morphed into something else. It was always a guessing game to figure out what some of them finally became.

I always loved this song. I first heard it as bootleg many years ago. John never wanted to release it even though I irritated him regularly to do so.

What did this song become? My best guess is Quarter Moon on the Golden Gate. But I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Let me know.

Sky Blue Eight


  1. Dave

    What a great song! Do you know when it was recorded and who played backup? I assume that John played lead guitar . Are there enough of these unreleased “finished” songs to put out another cd ?

  2. ryboltcox

    Dave, I think it was from a demo that was about the same time frame as the Piano Album. I’m not sure on the lineup. I asked Dave Batti and if he knows I’ll post it. The only person I’m pretty sure of is Loren Newkirk on piano. It’s also probably Arnie Moore on bass.

  3. Larry Stanley

    Fun song, and yes, I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before…I must ruminate on this! Thanks Paul, always fun to hear these mystery tunes that you have access to, and thank you for sharing!

  4. Larry

    OK, I just listened to Quarter Moon and yes,
    most of this song seems to be there. Sky
    Blue Eight is much more fun. Maybe he
    didn’t want to put out into the world a song
    with so much pick-up truck in it. Quarter
    moon and Golden Gate is more ethereal/mysterious.

  5. Joey Harris

    I have always loved this song, and I was thrilled to hear this recording, but then I realized I played on it!
    That’s me cautiously playing the guitar solo.
    Thanks for the warmest memory.
    Joey Harris

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