Chuck McDermott

I struggled to find anything to add to the title on this post. Writing about Chuck is both easy and excruciatingly difficult. It’s complicated. When Chuck was young (very young) he fell in with a California bounder named John Stewart. They collaborated on songs, albums, tours and the best way to stay unindicted while on the road. John was a tough guy to be around. I never, ever heard him say one negative thing about Chuck.

Chuck grew up in the diplomatic circles of Washington, DC. His family were Kennedy friends and Chuck became friends with the younger Kennedys. Chuck went to Yale but was able to escape before the experience damaged him irrevocably.

Later in life he became involved in managing financial funds and developing markets that encouraged green investing and socially conscious programs.

After John’s passing he, Dave Batti, John Hoke, Dennis Kenmore, Bob Hawkins and Dave Crossland formed the John Stewart Band. They perform together a few times a year and bring new life to John’s songs.

Chuck has been releasing his own songs over the past few years. In 2019 he released Gin and Rosewater; a great mix of styles from Steve Earle to Little Feat. Comparisons really are odious and Chuck’s style is his own. But I always find some value in the ‘If You Like Blah Blah; You Will Like Hoo Haw”. If you like any of the great singer songwriters you’ll like Chuck McDermott.

Here’s his latest release. It’s on a EP and available soon.

And here’s Chuck’s website

The song is Here’s the Thing About America and, as I sit here watching CNN all I can do is nod along with the song.

Here’s the Thing About America

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