Jennings and Keller- Like No Other

This has been a hard time for many of us. People that I know as friends have died, many others have suffered losses in their families and hope has been a hard thing to come by.

Musicians are no different from anyone else in this regard.

We’ve all been denied personal contact but for those who rely on it for their living it’s been very hard. Financially, yes, but also spiritually.

Laurie Jennings and Dana Keller are road warrior musicians. They travel and play many shows each year. Many of them are in libraries and other public places where they can relate to their audiences on a more personal level. A few years ago I wrote about their song Mirror With a Memory from the CD of the same title.

Dana just sent me this song that they’ve just finished. I heard it for the first time just a few days ago and told Dana that it had caused me to think more closely about what the past few months have brought to me. I only dabble in self-awareness but this song made me go deeper. Aside from the lyrics; the music and Dana’s B-Bender Tele make it a great song.

I thank them for this song and the hope that they have and are sharing.

Here’s a link to their website. I highly recommend their music to you.

Stay Positive and Test Negative!

Laurie Jennings and Dana Keller- Like No Other

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