John and Chuck at Merseyside-1984

In just a few weeks it will be time to start the drive west to the 15th annual Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp. It wasn’t always called the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp. The first nine years we were just the Trio Fantasy Camp. Bob Shane owned the Kingston Trio name and he preferred (and rightly so) that we not use the group’s name.

John loved the days that we spent at the Camp. He loved Arizona and he particularly loved Phoenix.

And one of the highlights of Camp is to be able to hear the John Stewart Band play. This year they’ll be back for the umpteenth time. Dave Batti, Chuck McDermott, John Hoke, Dennis Kenmore, Dave Crossland and the great Bob Hawkins.

Here’s John and Chuck from a 1984, concert in Merseyside, England. It’s a long one, 9:38, and a great medley of California Bloodlines, Armstrong and Cheyenne. John and Chuck. Ringing guitars and great harmony.

If you can make it to Scottsdale for the gig I can guarantee a mighty time.

Click the link to hear the song.

John and chuck

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