The Kingston Trio-Chilly Winds

My previous post featured the set by John Stewart and the World’s Largest Folk Band. On Friday night, during the Tribute to John, the Kingston Trio consisting of Bob Shane, George Grove and Bobby Haworth performed. I’ve said it before; I was never a fan of the Kingston Trio. I didn’t know the music and it had little appeal to me. That night the Trio did Hard Ain’t It Hard and one of my all-time favorite songs- Chilly Winds. Bob’s voice was terrific and George’s playing was stellar.

Here they are- The Kingston Trio singing Chilly Winds.

chilly winds

One comment

  1. Hugh S. Myers

    At the moment I’ve 34 of John’s albums (and all of Kingston Trios I can find). While day trippen through the Internet I came across your blog. First thing I notice is that you have tracks I’ve either not heard or not heard that particular recording of. A for instance would be the two disk farewell recording. And that is just one of what I’m guessing is many. This of course leads to the next question, is there a source and if so how might I avail my self of it? In the mean time I plan on ejoying the memories you’ve preserved in you blog…a service in it self!


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