John Stewart Music On A Snowy December Day

It’s pretty well documented in his songs that John Stewart did not care for cold weather or snow. In later years he occasionally became irate when someone would suggest he might come East of Denver between October and May. He was a California kind of guy and it showed in his songs.

I can’t remember who it was, maybe Jimmy Buffett, who commented about fans who would come to a show to hear “that ONE SONG”. For me it was always California Bloodlines. John didn’t always do it but I was lucky enough to hear it many times.

This song is from a recording made at Tom Anderson’s place in Scottsdale. It was recorded in 2000, and John was playing the big-ass Taylor 12 string with 8 or 9 strings on it.

It’s a song I don’t mind hearing on a cold and snowy December day in Ohio.

California Bloodlines

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