A Little Bit of “Texas In Your Soul”

Here’s one I’d heard about but never heard. This song is from the Out Takes from the Secret Tapes album from about 1987. Great guitar and bass and a driving melody. Many of the songs that are on this Out Takes album later show up on other releases. However, the energy on these versions is outstanding.


I’ve just learned that this song was from the movie Baja Oklahoma and the lyrics were written by Dan Jenkins and the music by Willie Nelson. Willie sang with Leslie Ann Warren on the song at the end of the movie. Since the movie was released in 1988 it seems a little strange that John should record it. John did a few covers in concerts and at sound checks but rarely recorded them. I wonder if he and the band were just playing around in the studio and recorded this song. In any case, his version is much higher energy than the one used in the movie.

Thanks to Tom Thomas for the correction.

Texas In Your Soul

One comment

  1. jonah mark bekerman

    thankyou for this.i remember when i first began listening to the secret tapes.i loved hearing that.i was so pleased to not have to wait years for new js music and to see him opening up.as much as you share ill listen

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