Mitch Jayne-1930-2010

On August 2nd of 2010, Mitch Jayne passed away.

Along with Doug and Rodney Dillard and Dean Webb, Mitch entertained people for many years with the Dillards.

The Dillards were among the first of the bluegrass groups to feature electrified instruments. They were also known for their great humor and very high level of musicianship.

The song below is from a cd done by Jim and Salli Ratts and their group Runaway Express. I first heard this cd from my friend Bobbie Childress. She told me it was one of her favorites. After a few days of listening it was my favorite, too.

The cd is called Howling at the Moon and is available at the link below.

Jim and Salli Ratts- Runaway Express

The song is called Ozark Nights and it is a tribute to the Dillards.

Ozark Night

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