These Are the Dreams of the Starman

Havana. First a cassette and then, thanks to Jim Musselman and Appleseed Records, a cd. John first did the cassette for Neon Dreams in order to try out some of the new songs that he had written. Overall, it was a good, well-recorded cd and some of the songs were good ones. When Jim and John got together they changed some of the music and re-recorded other parts.

One song that was on both platforms was Dreams of the Starman or, as the cd has it, Starman. I’m not sure if this track is from the cassette or the cd. I believe it’s from the cassette as it’s 12 seconds shorter than the cd cut.

It’s John at his best. The imagery such as:

“If we would just live all our own lives
Leave other people alone
And if those who just love one another
Would not be the targets of stones

These are the dreams of the Starman
Even if he never is heard
These are the dreams of the Starman
Forever the keeper of words”

And John’s voice on this song is perfect for the lyrics. World weary and wise.

Dreams of the Starman

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