The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp

With Camp coming up in about 8 weeks I thought this would be a great time to post this song.

In case you don’t know the history of the Camp; it was started by John Stewart in 1999 as the Trio Fantasy Camp. The concept was to bring Trio Music fans together in Scottsdale, Az. The Campers would form Trios of their own and also perform on stage with the John Stewart and Nick Reynolds as the third member of the Trio. For a number of years we were asked not to use the name “Kingston Trio” in any of the promotion for the Camp. In later years this became a non-issue as Bob Shane gave John great support at the Camp. When John passed away the decision was made to continue the Camp as The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp. The Camp takes place this year from August 4-7 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Running along with the Camp is the Bloodlines Reunion. the Bloodliners are John’s internet group. Sometimes referred to as fanatics, the Bloodliners have been the hosts for some great parties at Camp every year.

This song was adapted and performed  by Fred Grittner. If you listen closely you’ll hear many familiar names. My favorite is “Nick the trickster”.

Going Home- Fred Grittner


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