Nick Reynolds Limited Edition Tenor Guitar

My friend Bill Bush asked me to share this with you. This is my first post that doesn’t have a song attached and I’m glad that, at least it’s about one of my favorite people, Nick Reynolds.

Bill Bush and Nick Reynolds were dear friends. Bill is responsible for this project with the Martin Guitar Company and he was very happy that Nick lived long enough to know that it was going to happen.

Bob Shane sang like an angel (still does, actually) and John Stewart wrote the songs and made the music. Nick Reynolds, though, was the heart and soul of the Kingston Trio.

Bill asked me to share the specs with you.


  1. Steven D.

    Yes, and say hello for me too. Bill is an extremely nice & hospitable gentleman, and he always chose his featured songs with care & conscience.

  2. Bob Blackstad

    Thank you, Mr. Bush, for getting this project going. I hope to acquire one of these guitars. If you know who I could contact, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Jon Karesh

    Wow, this is awesome. Nick certainly deserves the honor. I am so fortunate to have a tenor guitar that Nick, Bob and John signed at Fantasy Camp in 2006. Nick used a Sharpie and signed it as follows: “Great choice of instrument. Best always, Nick Reynolds.” I will never never ever sell it, for any price. It is truly priceless (and it sounds pretty good, too!

  4. ryboltcox

    Bob, If you have a local martin dealer they can easily order one for you. If you don’t have anyone locally I would suggest Elderly Instruments, My Favorite Guitars or Maury’s Music. There are a number of other great suppliers, too, but I know these three and they will give you price and service.

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