Chuck McDermott- Road Tested

Chuck McDermott may be the only band member never to be fired by John Stewart.

John only hired great musicians so the firing was not due to anything related to musicianship.

Chuck brings stability and grace to every stage that he steps onto. He can write, play and play along with anyone from a touring pro to a first-time-on-stage player.

Chuck just released a new cd that he titled Road Tested. The cd is a group of songs that tell the story of a good man who could easily be Everyman. The songs stand on their own but the story is in the whole.

I’ve chosen one of my favorites to share here. I have to tell this story, though.

Last fall we were doing our annual Gathering in Scottsdale. Chuck sang this song onstage and when he came offstage I went up to him and said “I love that song but I can’t remember which one of John Stewart’s records that it was on.” Chuck smiled and said “I wrote it… Thanks, though!” If John HAD written it, it would have been one of his finest!

Chuck. Thanks for being a friend and thanks for sharing your talent with so many of us.

Here’s how to get a copy.

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