Happy Birthday Stewart

You’ve been on my mind all day. DeLisle, Dave and I miss you. I know that Chuck does, too. And Buffy and all of the kids, of course. You were the topic of alot of stories last week at Camp. DeLisle told most of them and I’d have given alot to hear your laugh.


I think this might have been the last song that I emailed you. It was recorded at the Floral Pavillion in Merseyside, England in 1984.  You and ‘the young lad’ Chuck McDermott. I think Buffy was on the tour, too, but this song is just you and Chuck. It’s a song that I’ve always loved but not one that everyone knows.


Hey Stewart? Happy Birthday.


The Raven

click the blue link to hear the song


  1. Robert B. Wellner

    HI Paul,
    I love the Raven – and the fact that John basically never repeated a song in the same manner. To this point I should tell you that I saw John in Georgetown at a place called “Desperadoes” – and it was there that the audience asked him to do that song a second time!! They knew John’s music – and John couldn’t believe that they wanted a repeat – done in a different manner, of course.
    Thanks for the posts!!
    Bob Wellner,
    Gaithersburg, MD

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