One of My Favorite Local Heroes

He also happens to be one of my favorite people. His name is Garry Ball and he was a friend of Kris’s before I met him. That means I’ve known him close to 30 years and maybe a bit longer. Garry plays guitar and writes songs. He also gave guitar lessons for years but I think I may have cured him of that desire. Actually, I took lessons from him for several years and it was more of a therapy session for both of us than a teaching/learning experience. We’d sit and talk music; he’d show me exactly what I was doing wrong, then he’d show me again a few minutes later, then he’d give up. But we had a great time! And I got to hear him play and sing his songs.We also both love guitars. I added it up a few minutes ago and I’ve bought four from him (Martin D41, Goodall RCJ, Collings Om3, Gibson AJ) and he’s bought two from me (Martin D15, Crafters of Tennessee TNFT Resonator) We both have all of them except the Gibson which neither one of us liked very much.

Garry is serious about this stuff. He’s been to the Swannanoa Gathering and studied with the best of the singer-songwriters. He’s befriended and been befriended by many of the finest. He recently released his first full length cd, Frozen Smile, and I took a copy with me on our trip to Ireland. It got regular play time for the whole month. I knew a few of the songs but was impressed with all of them. They’re well-crafted and beautifully performed.scans201

This is one of my favorite tracks from the cd. It’s a song that he originally wrote with the idea of presenting it to  the producers of the TV program Justified.

Click the link below to hear Garry sing

I Am Justified

You can order the cd, Frozen Smile,  from Garry by emailing him at

The cost is $12 including shipping.

Remember, support your own local heroes. They’re the front lines of music.

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