Dawn and Kate

Ahhhh Kate Snow. Curly red hair and a laugh that can melt the stoniest of hearts. Kate Snow who never played music with others but sang her songs for herself and then discovered that others wanted to hear them, too. And then discovered that she LIKED to sing with others and did it so well. Kate Snow, the one that everyone wants to sit next to because she can not only talk but also listen.

Kate hung it all out after camp last year and began work on her first CD. She had the songs but she didn’t have the production capability. Fortunately, she did know Fred Grittner. A week in St. Paul, some able additions from Fred and from John August Lee and Kate had a CD called A Promise and A Song. Kate’s songs are personal to her but are universal to many others. I love this CD just as  much as I love Kate. It was hard to decide which song to include here. I chose a track called Dawn because I also love John August’s work on the 6-12 and tenor guitars.

Kate’s CD is available from Cdbaby as an mp3 download or as a CD.

Kate Snow at Cdbaby

and here’s the song. I hope you enjoy it.


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