A Twofer for a Sunday Afternoon

A friend asked me today if there were any videos of John singing Cannons in the Rain. I was positive that I had posted a clip on Youtube from The Turf Inn that we recorded in 2000. It is part of the Front Row Moonlight cd and dvd. In looking for it I realized that not only had I not posted the video on Youtube, I’d not posted the song here.

This is from Disc One on the Front Row Music double cd. Recorded live in 2000 in Dalry, Scotland. The pub is the ancestral home of one Andrew Fergus, one of John’s dearest friends and most loyal supporters.

Rather than just post the one song, I decided to do a double play. These are the 11th and 12th tracks on the first disc.

Cannons In The Rain


The Eyes Of Sweet Virginia

Some of John’s songs are perfect when played together.


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