September 5, 1939

Happy Birthday, John. Today would have been your 72nd birthday. I’m pretty sure that you’d still be writing songs, playing music, eating donuts, looking for your glasses, looking for your phone chargers, buying the latest cel phone and Ipod, you’d have had at least two Ipads by now, you’d be pissed at either me or Dave-or maybe both of us, you’d still call Tom DeLisle your best friend and you’d still have the most loyal fans in the world. Buffy would still be your angel.

You’d be singing Mother Country and Pirates of Stone County Road and Daydream Believer because you LIKED to sing them. You’d still be pissy whenever it suited you and you’d still forget about it in ten minutes. And Buffy would still be your Angel.

At the request of Cat here is one of John’s songs from the Johnny Moonlight album.

Now, let’s have some cake…and some donut holes.

Fields Where The Angels Dance

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