John and The Boys Rock Out

I’ve spent the last few days trying to find where this track came from. I was pretty sure it was from about 1987, because Chris Mostert is playing a great wailing sax on this song. I just spoke with Dave Batti and he says he played the bass and Dennis Kenmore was on drums. He doesn’t remember where it came from either or even what the song is called.

So here is what I think is an unreleased cut. This was done during the time when John was really playing some rock and roll. The interesting thing about this song to me is the time change about half way through.

If anyone knows the origins I’d love to hear what they are.

UPDATE: I think I may have found the origins of the song. The Vicar, Rod Geddes of Gargrave, Yorkshire, identified the song as Hunger in Your Heart and the time frame as about 1986. He refers to it as an ‘outtake from the Secret Tapes Sessions’.

Thanks Rod.

Hunger In Your Heart


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