Live Recordings From Radio and TV

Over the years I have accumulated a number of different live recordings. They encompass many years and vary widely in the quality of the recording.

I’m going to try to load some of the highlights here over the next few weeks and months.

I don’t know where this track was recorded. I know that John rarely performed it live. I heard him do it once and that was at the John Stewart Ultimate Weekend in Chicago in 2000.

Cat- This one is for me and you.

Signals to Ludi


  1. Cat

    Thanks, Paul.

    Signals to Ludi stunned me in 1969 when I was just discovering John’s post-Trio genius. Such unique subject matter — childhood innocence, sensitivity, and deep empathy. Moving, unforgettable lyrics. I determined then that my daughter (when I had one) would be named Ludi. Never had the little girl but never forgot little Ludi.

  2. Fred

    Isn’t this from Playboy after Dark? I saw a video of this a few years ago, with Buffy doing the background vocal.

    • ryboltcox

      Could very well be. I have a collection of songs that John did on both radio and TV and this is one of them. It’s the right time frame in being just after he left the Trio and concurrent with the release of Signals Through Glass.

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