September 5, 1939

Today would have been John’s 71st birthday.

I was thinking about him this morning as I often do. There are bits and pieces of his life all around the house. Most of them are in places I spend quite a bit of time. I was thinking about which song I would put up today to honor his birthday. There were a number of obvious choices but then I started thinking about him and Nick what a great friendship that they had over such a long period of time. John and Nick. Brothers of the Road and Friends Forever. This is to say Happy Birthday, John- from me and Nickie.

Here is a track from the Revenge of the Budgie album. Dreamers on the Rise.

Dreamers On The Rise


  1. Chuck Cline

    Greetings from Napa, Paul……….
    Great to hear the song and prompting me to pull that and other favorite John (and Nick)tunes out for a listen and remember fondly the strong influence, both have had on my music and the enjoyment of it.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Chuck Cline
    (County Line Trio–Napa, California)

  2. Ben Blake

    Ah, once…were not we all on the rise with the dreams of the Starman? And are we not still? That’s a legacy! Happy birthday, Johnny.

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