Dave Batti

This will be a hard one to write. Dave Batti. Possibly the nicest guy in the world. Would be nominated for Sainthood if it were a perfect world. Knows how to iron and pack a station wagon. Modest. Plays bass and accordion.

That’s only the beginning.

Dave joined  John Stewart’s band back in 1982, after working with John and Chuck McDermott on the Blondes album. Tom DeLisle said about Dave “He’s John’s right-hand man despite the fact that Dave is left-handed”. Dave chalked up countless miles and huge amounts of fun on the road with John. In later years it was usually just the two of them on the road together.

John was well-known for being ‘prickly’ toward his band members and Dave bore the brunt of this on more occasions than it would be wise to count. When John passed Dave said “I’d do it all again in a minute”.

Here is Dave Batti. Recorded at the World Folk Music Association on January 12, 2001, at their presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to John Stewart.Bad Rats


  1. Peter O'Brien

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I haven’t met a more genuine, hardworking person in all my time on the periphery of the music business. And he really is the nicest person you could wish to meet. It’s a total privilege to be able to call him my friend. Plus I love this recording of Bad Rats, which I’ve never heard before, so thanks for putting it up here, Paul.

  2. Bob Smith

    Dave Batti and Paul Rybolt, two of the greatest guys I’ve never met. They have been my go to people for John’s music for many years. The true keepers of the flame.

  3. Cozette Haggerty

    Absolutely superb! “Dave” at his finest! I’m proud to have been there to have seen and heard this performance live – I miss all the good times with our Liner friends, Davie, and of course, Johnny Stew! Dave, here’s to all the good Bloodliner times!

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