John Stewart Medleys

John loved medleys. He tinkered with combinations of songs and sometimes he hit a combo that was perfect.

This recording was made at the Floral Pavillion in Merseyside England on August 5, 1984.

On this tour John was accompanied by his good friend and co-conspirator Chuck McDermott.

Thanks to Rod and Bite My Foot Bob.

Here’s California Bloodlines, Armstrong and Cheyenne.John Stewart and Chuck McDermott


  1. Rod Geddes

    That was a great tour, the first time I saw John live..and Chuck of course. They were humming!!
    Chuck was a great complement to John, both vocally, instrumentally and as an on – stage presence. (The two “men in black”!)
    I had never realised John was SO tall before that, either!
    Just about every local radio gave them a big interview slot too.I remember Radio Merseyside doing a great interview with them both, and BRMB Radio Beacon in the Midlands.
    I think that was the first “John Atkins” tour also. There were lots of gigs around the Midlands on that tour.
    Thanks for the music, Paul.

  2. Tom Roycroft

    Did John do two tours of the UK in 84? I know he was in the Half moon in Putney sans Chuck who he said was “dealing drugs in Boston”. Pete Thomas was on drums and I believe a pick-up bass player.
    Nice work Paul!

  3. tom barrett

    Of all medleys, John’s “Pirates of Stone County Road/The Yard Went on Forever” (also performed on UK tour) is my favorite. Saw him do it live in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk Music…in a word…breathtaking.

  4. Jeff

    Some great picking on this medley, particularly the “Cheyenne” section. Jeez, I do hope the best of these private recordings are made readily available sometime soon . . .

    Thanks Paul.

    • Rod Geddes

      You are not the only one , Jeff!
      Apart from the Turf recording with Buffy and “Front Row Music” there are none of the concerts from UK tours on release.
      The 1884 tour with Chuck threw up some brilliant recordings, as did the later 1986 tour ( and some real duds because of the sound systems)
      Somewhere,apparently, RCA UK has the “Zig Zag” concert from 1973 too!
      We live in hope.
      And yes, I agree that “Pirates/The yard went on for ever” is stunning.


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