The Tiger’s Dance

John’s fans are a mixed lot. Some of them come for the words. Some come for the music. Others come for the package.

Having been John’s partner in the music business for about 10 years I got to know these fans and appreciated their love and dedication to John.

One of the most interesting fans is a guy known only as Toft. When I first ran into him Toft lived in Hawai’i. He later moved to Thailand where he does graphic arts, photography and poetry.

He produced this piece of music. The song and performance was John Stewart. Toft is responsible for the rest of it. I don’t know if John ever heard it but I think he would have liked the result.

Toft calls it The Tiger’s Dance. We know the music as Dance With the Tiger.

The Tiger’s Dance


  1. Fred Grittner

    What do you mean “the rest of it”? I am confused by the words “and performance was John Stewart.”

    • ryboltcox

      Fred, What happened was that Toft took the music (which I believe to be John’s own version) and sampled, snipped and looped the instrumental part. He originally did it to make himself a meditation tape. At least this is what I recall.
      John didn’t care for people messing with his lyrics. Look what happened when the Monkees changed “funky” to ‘happy’. I think he might have liked this arrangement of his tune.

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